Hi, thanks for considering me as your guitar teacher!

I have over 30 years experience playing and teaching guitar and love helping others to improve their guitar playing, whether that's a child picking up an acoustic guitar for the first time or an advanced guitarist with an electric guitar.


I'm a friendly, patient and well qualified guitar teacher in Bedford, and I don't just teach guitar, I've performed with numerous bands so understand what it's like to be on stage.

Please contact me to discuss how I could help you. Your first 30 minute session would be free!


A bit more about me

I started playing guitar at seventeen, instrumental jazz, funk, and blues at that time.


The reason for the late start was because my father was a music teacher which was great if you wanted to learn the bagpipes. I did try to have a go - from age 7 - but they were not for me however I did learn to read music which helped me later on with chord charts and scales.


Born in Cambridge and later returning in my teens to watch bands play at a place called the Dorothy where guitarist like Dave Gilmore (Pink Floyd) and Tim Renwick (Eric Clapton) would be playing in local bands.


I learnt enough guitar to join local bands which played around the Milton Keynes area playing in venues from working men clubs to bars and dance halls. In the eighties I was introduced to american guitarist like Lee Ritenour and Larry Carlton and that is when I knew that instrumental guitar does work which has always been the direction I wanted to go in.


I then spent around thirty years lecturing in colleges before teaching now just from my studio at home or my student's home.

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